By founding Advantum PuC the two partners have laid the foundation to comprehensively and coordinated approach problem cases. Working with Advantum PuC stands for one counterpart, Advantum PuC.

Within a short analysis (the costs will be credited for following assignments), Advantum PuC offers interested companies the identification of operating measures, the development of alternative business plan approaches as well as presenting potential changes in the shareholder structure. Subsequently, the range and scope of Advantum PuC’s assignment will be coordinated together with the management and the shareholders.

Typical activities of Advantum PuC are:

  • Revision and adjustment of the business strategy
  • Business planning with elaboration of organisational and personnel adjustments
  • Taking over management position for a limited time (in the company’s management or certain sections)
  • Reorganisation of the liability side of the company’s balance sheet, i.e. discussions regarding the financing with creditors and suppliers
  • Execution of a M&A process for the complete company or parts of the business (development of a sales approach, identification of potential investors, investor approach, negotiation, closing)
  • Supporting all implementation measures, especially regarding personnel (transfer of employees to a transitional company or the like)

  • In most cases where success can be measured, Advantum PuC offers a fee structure which is based on that actual success.

  • Successful Advantum PuC projects include:

  • Insolvency of Hötten
  • Insolvency of Corvett Spitzen
  • Insolvency of Hertie AG
  • Insolvency of Schieder Möbel Holding
  • Insolvency of listed Eurobike AG (Hein Gericke)/ Polo
  • Highlighted Transactions