One-Stop Advisory
By founding Advantum PuC, the two partners formed the basis to offer one-stop advisory services to their customers.
Wide Know-How Basis
Together the partners of Advantum PuC look back on several years of industry experience in the respective field of activity. This allows Advantum to continuously offer services at the highest level.
Experience in Crisis
Successful restructurings are not only managed through appropriate technical completion of several tasks, but also through the right coordination of the group of participants. It is of utmost importance to know how other players in the field behave to involve them appropriately. Advantum PuC has broad experiences in handling involved parties such as banks, public authorities as well as the worker’s council.
Taking on Responsibility
Through taking on managing functions in difficult situations, Advantum PuC demonstrates the essential willingness to take on responsibility. Thus Advantum can offer comprehensive services throughout the restructuring process.
Highlighted Transactions