Restructurings in the context of existential business crises and insolvencies are characterized by two circumstances:

  • A new business model which attracts investors needs to be developed within a short time frame.

  • In parallel, the operating business needs to be stabilized and continued. A sufficient cash flow needs to be generated, not only to cover the immediately required liquidity, but also to proof the ability to act as a going concern.

    Frequently, companies in crisis are marked by a certain paralysis, meaning they are not in the position to simultaneously fulfil the various special requirements of their current situation. Very often, weeks and months of agonising discussions and efforts precede the immediate and urgent troubles. Legal and actual restrictions finally lead to a lack of power to act.

    It is essential to rapidly obtain comprehensive support or even hand over responsibility, in such specific situations. Thereby, a key problem for internal and external parties is to harmonically work together in order to avoid any friction losses, especially in this difficult environment.

    Under the brand Advantum PuC, both Advantum Corporate Finance and paul und collegen consulting offer their customers one-stop solutions:

    Due to the long lasting co-operation in various larger restructuring projects in Germany, both companies are well attuned to each other and guarantee an immediate and appropriate tackling of the problem.
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